As one of the member of Fit For Life, I am honored to share some few romantic tips with the ladies. These romantic tips will come in handy when planning for the perfect date with your boyfriend or husband. First and foremost, it is important to know that manhood does not necessarily imply that […]
  Has your partner complained that your date nights are getting stale and boring? Well if so, you can change things by creating more memorable and romantic dates with your partner. Start by talking with your partner to get an idea of what kinds of places she wants to visit for dates and also mention […]
 When to Share & When to Not Over coffee with my mentor, he vented frustration after a string of disappointing first dates where the women shared far too much baggage about their relationship history. Perhaps because he is a brilliant psychotherapist they felt more compelled to confess their neuroses—and perhaps this is also why he […]
Being romantic isn't difficult unless one has an attitude about the concept. Many articles are available for men who have been labeled as "men are just not romantic" or "women have the built-in nature to be romantic".