Creative Ideas for Romantic Dates


Has your partner complained that your date nights are getting stale and boring? Well if so, you can change things by creating more memorable and romantic dates with your partner. Start by talking with your partner to get an idea of what kinds of places she wants to visit for dates and also mention any ideas you have about future dates together. Look beyond the usual restaurants and theaters; consider local free nighttime events and other attractions in the area.

Prepare Sexy Love Letters And Read Them To Each Other On A Romantic Nighttime Picnic

This is a great way to express how you feel about your partner in a sensual way. Two days before the picnic you would write each other letters stating the parts of their bodies you admire the most and you can also include any secret fantasies that you would like carried out during your intimate time together at a later date. Enclose the letters in a decorative envelope and during the picnic you would read the letters to each other. For the picnic have romantic foods on hand such as imported cheeses, fruits, smoked salmon and crackers and champagne.

Shoot A Short Romantic Film TogetherRomantic Couple

If there is a community theater in your city that helps residents shoot and film movies, you and your partner  can visit the theater and inquire about shooting a short romantic film that the two of you can enjoy for years to come. Before arriving at the theater collaborate on a fun romantic script for the film and decide on the outfits that you’ll wear in the film. The setting can be at a park, on a boardwalk or at the beach.

Food Tasting Events

If you and your partners are foodies, attend a few food and wine tastings since many restaurants and wineries hold tastings for the community. Talk about the foods you’re tasting and ask the vendors some questions about the foods. Take notes of the foods you liked the most so you can buy them at the store.

Rainy Night Romance Id

Sometimes bad thunderstorms happen on your date night and here are some indoor date night ideas. Hold a throwback dinner where you and your partner prepare the same meals that the two of you would eat at different restaurants when you first started dating. During the dinner play some romantic songs that the two of you enjoyed in previous years or decades and talk about how your love for each other has grown over the year. Another indoor date idea is to give each other romantic massages with flavored essential oils during bath time.

Have Breakfast On The Beach

Instead of having the usual breakfast with the kids at home, bring the kids to their grandparents for a few hours so you and your spouse can have a romantic breakfast on the beach. Bring your camera so you can take pictures of each other during the picnic. In conclusion, with these ideas you and your partner will have an improved love life.