Romantic Date Ideas For Your Boyfriend

As one of the member of Fit For Life, I am honored to share some few romantic tips with the ladies. These romantic tips will come in handy when planning for the perfect date with your boyfriend or husband. First and foremost, it is important to know that manhood does not necessarily imply that we are all tough and rough, we also enjoy been romanced and loved. We love when our ladies take the first step and go an extra mile to do something for us which is completely out of the ordinary. Secondly, unlike women, we do not need high maintenance. Therefore, it does not require a woman with superhuman ability to melt our hearts. Genuineness, simplicity and a bit of creativity will do wonders. That’s our definition of true romance.

Below are some romantic tips and ideas that will keep you head spinning when trying to impress your man

*A surprise movie date

Plan to watch a movie but not the usual old multiplex movie. Take a drive to the nearest movie theater but let it be a surprise. Plan in advance, pack the car with some coke, pop corns and a nice blanket. Then, pick him up from his home and work place. When he tries to inquire where you are taking him, keep mum and give him the opportunity to discover it by himself. I assure you, the experience to be driven under the starlit sky with the cool breeze will be a true lovely and romantic date for him.

*A surprise couple’s day out

Keeping in line with the surprise element, you can plan a couple’s day out. It can be a drive into the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city or just a park picnic to the nearest national parks. However, pick a place that will allow you to spend some quality time with him. Alternatively, if the guy is an adventurous, you can consider a day of para-sailing, river rifting or something similar. He will surely be on top of his heels full of love and affection.

*Game tickets

There is no doubt that we love sports. Therefore, you can never go wrong with acquiring tickets to watch his favorite team in action. However, if you are unable to get court side tickets, ensure that you make the day fun for him. Always show support by either wearing a t-shirt that bears the name of his favorite team or holler and cheer when everyone else is doing it. Lastly, you can end the day with a surprise dinner at his favorite restaurant.

*Make a poster

Last but not least, you can make a poster listing all the things that you love about him. Include every aspect and trait he has that lightens up your life. Ensure that he finds this poster at the table when you come back from the date.

Lastly, do simple things like slipping a note in his wallet (if you know he is broke) or give him a four leaf clover and a note written “I got lucky the day I first meet you” before leaving for a date. This will surely make the date more lively, fun and so romantic.

These are some of the romantic dating ideas you may use to impress your man. I hope the romantic tips will be of great ingredient for spicing up your relationship.

Contributed by Brian (Fit For Singles Member)